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I was thinking about posting some new tunes here. I have some art that I could post here, but I rather have those on my deviantart

Looking for a conceptor?

2009-12-30 00:00:11 by MacsterStudios

If you need a conceptor for a videogame just ask me I've got a lot of ideas.


2009-11-02 21:25:14 by MacsterStudios

I'm realy decided to make the zombification series, but the only problem is that I suck with flash so I'll need some animators and voices actors for that and I'll do the script.

Volunters just ask in the comment section below if you can join

Getting back to world

2009-09-07 19:50:57 by MacsterStudios

I know it's been a f*cking big while since I submited something, but I'm back to work now and I'm ready to rock the world with some awesome guitar playing! (I even already submited a new song!)

Oh, and for those who knewed about zombification, I'm sorry to say that it will be extremely deleyed, my computer got a f*cking virus and I lost almost all my file (including the flash file). I have no ideas about when I'm gonna finish, but I'll do as soon as I can.


2009-03-17 08:13:15 by MacsterStudios

Hi, I'm creating a new serie called zombification.
I have some difficulties with flash so it will take a while before I put it on newgrouds.
While I create the first episode, I would like that you guys don't steal this name before I created the first episode.